Had a great time at the Tournament? Then buy some really cool Tristate Skindivers swag to show you care about your favorite Spearfishing Club!

Proceeds from each sale are used to support Tristate Skindivers and better our services and events while also giving to local charities.

 We’re looking forward to seeing you at our next event!


Tristate Skindivers 5" sticker

5 for $15

The sticker people are seeing everywhere is back in stock! pefect for your fins,gun,car,truck,boat,favorite bar bathroom, stop signs, drive thrus you get the picture.

Tristate Skindivers 20" Sticker

2 for $25

This 20" sticker is perfect for your Cooler, Truck or Boat!

No shipping pick up ONLY

Tristate Skindivers
Ocean Blues Hat


Snapback Flat Brim

Tristate Skindivers 
Merica Hat


 Snapback flat brim hat

Tristate Skindivers
Buoy Flag


12" X 18" this flag is prefect for your dive buoy to keep boaters aware of your presence while representing your favorite club.

Tristate Skindivers
Boat Dive Flag


This 24" X 36" Highly vizable flag is just what you need to show other boats you have a diver in the water while representing your favorite club.

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