Tristate Species Meet


Weigh-in 5:00pm Sharp!

Saturday August 7, 2021

Tristate Skindivers will be sponsoring the 11th Annual Tristate Species Meet. Last year's meet was INSANE with over 100 of the best divers New England has to offer.

This years should be equally great. We have lots of raffle items from all of our sponsors!

Registration fees with be $40 for non members and $30 for Tristate members 
We hope to see you at the weigh in.

We are very sorry but due to Covid 19 we will not be offering food or beverages It will be bring your own this year. 

EVERYONE is required to wear a MASK 😷 during weigh ins and please try and stay a safe distance from everyone. We will have bottles of hand sanitizer on each tournament table. 

The meet is a species meet format, which means that you can weigh in one of each fish that are listed on the tournament rules. The more species you shoot, the better you do. Unlike a weight tournament, this focuses on your ability to shoot many different fish. The tournament will feature a kayak / shore division as well as a boat division. All diving must be within the northeast waters.

As in previous years, Tristate will be giving all proceeds from the tournament to a local charity in order to help those in need.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!


OFFICIAL RULES:Upon check-in please declare Boat or kayak/shore division 5:00am-5pm the day of August 7th

:Competitors spearfish all northeast waters. NORTHEAST waters have been selected to keep the fish regulations standardized for all competitors.5:00pm:Tournament Ends. Scoring will begin and awarding of prizes shall follow. All competitors must have checked in by this time or they will be disqualified.Rules:1- Spear fish by means of FREEDIVING. No tanks / re-breathers2- Spear fishing in Northeast only.3- All modes of transportation are allowed for this event.4- Only spear guns loaded by the divers own strength are permitted.5- Infractions of the above rules, posted Regulations, or unsportsman like conduct will result in disqualification.Scoring:10 points per species plus 1 point per pound up to 20 pounds. Maximum score of 30 points per species.The Weigh-Master has the option NOT to count a fish he deems unsuitable for any reason.Prizes: Your registration will also enroll you with One raffle ticket for prizes including a grand array of dive gear donated by the generous sponsors, including many from Mike Chace at New England Freedive Spearfishing Co. Daryl Wong Spearguns Spearing Magazine Traeger Grills ,Benthic Ocean Sports , Evolve Diving - Kona, Hawaii, HydroKaddy, danco pliers, South Shore Pangas Salty Crew G.R. Tarr and many many moreVenue: The weigh in will be hosted by the Pine Island Marina in Groton CT. Tristate would like to thank them in advance for the use of their facility. This year competitors may bring their own food and alcohol due to covid. EVERYONE MUST WEAR A MASK!Regulations:COMPETITORS may only weigh in the following species“ONE FISH FROM EACH SPECIES” to count toward Tournament score, no weighing of multiple fish to decide what one will count. One fish per species, period.Fish must meet or exceed Tournament measurement by the numbers listed on the chart below to count toward total tournament score. If the fish does not appear on this list, it cannot be weighed.Black Sea Bass 15"; Tournament 16"Bluefish none Tournament 15"Bonito none, Tournament 14”Cod 22” Tournament 23"Haddock 19” Tournament 20”Jacks none Tournament 14”Little Tuny none Tournament 14"Mackerel none Tournament 12”Monkfish 17” Tournament 18”Pollock 19” Tournament 20”Scup 10” Tournament 11”Sea Robin none Tournament 12"Striped Bass 28” Tournament 29”>35"Summer Flounder (Fluke) 19” Tournament 20"Tautog 16”, Tournament 17”Triggerfish none Tournament 12”Weakfish 16" Tournament 17”Winter Flounder 12”, Tournament 13”*Sharks, Skates, Eels and Rays are NOT permittedRI regulations are subject to change, be sure to check the regs before diving. If there is a change in the weigh in size, it will be posted on the Tristate website as soon as the change is made. Changes will only be made in response to a change in  CT regulations.

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